Naturoplex | Najbolji lek protiv urinarnih infekcija
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Naturoplex successful for 12 years

Against all urinary infections

Every other women confronts urinary infections at least once in her life. Also, a major percent of women has these troubling symptoms reoccurring multiple times a year!

Cranberry as prevention

Naturoplex® Cranberry prevent bacteria adhesion to the walls of the urinary tract, so harmful bacteria have no chance to cause infection.


Get rid of your aillments now

Naturoplex® is an all-natural product that helps ailments and pain while urinating considerably reduce even on the first day of use.

Quality of life is what matters

Naturoplex® has been fighting urinary infections for 12 years, and all to better the quality of life and health, primarily women.

Naturoplex tablets and Naturoplex cranberry

We all know how persistent urinary tract infections can be and truly understand the need for fast recovery. For over 12 years now Naturoplex® has been fighting urinary tract infections.

Naturoplex® is an all-natural product recommended in  bladder inflammation, kidney inflammation, urinary tract and prostate infections.



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 Latest news about urinary infections
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    A small number of women has never had urinary infections at least once in their lives, which is recognized by frequent urinations, often very unconfortable and painful Urinary tract infections affect men and women, but due to anatomical differences, the “more fragile sex” is affected...

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    Prevent frequent urinary infections

    Suffering from reoccurring urinary tract infections? frequently on antiobiotis, but the infections keep coming back? cranberry will solve your problem, but it is important to CHOOSE the right one. The most common cause of urinary tract infections is Escherichia coli. Up to 90% of all...