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A small number of women has never had urinary infections at least once in their lives, which is recognized by frequent urinations, often very unconfortable and painful

Urinary tract infections affect men and women, but due to anatomical differences, the “more fragile sex” is affected to a greater extent”. Most common cause are bacteria normally found in the colon, but if migrated to the urinary tract can cause major health issues. Urinary tract is much shorter in women, so a greater risk is present.

Escherichia coli is a leading cause of more than 90% of urinary tract infections. Infections by these bacteria is followed by frequent urination, prickle, pain and pressure in lower abdomen alongside other ailments.

Food and drink to be avoided if you are experiencing frequent urinary infections are: coffee, black (Russian tea), all soda drinks, chocolate, sweets and fatty food as well as all products containing large amounts of sugar.

Most common causes of urinary tract infections

Healthy people with strong immune system usually have no problems with fighting any bacteria invasions. However, when stress, illness, physical injury or unhealthy diet will weaken the immune system, and bacteria will easily win over protective cells and an infection will occur.
Pregnancy, menopause and sexual intercourse can also increase the risk and lead to urinary tract infections.

Escherichia coli is almost the biggest cause of reoccurring urinary tract infections. Treated badly, this bacteria combined with the weakened immune system can even lead to kidney inflammation followed with high fever, pain, vomiting and blood in urine.

Escherichia coli is often reoccurring, causing permanent urinary tract damage, and heavy inflammations.

Solution to escherichia coli problem

Therapy is of antibiotic nature. However, Escherichia coli can penetrate deeper layers of mucosal membrane of the urinary tract, for which it remains unreachable to conventional therapies. Remaining Escherichia coli is then multiplied in the walls of the urinary tract and activated by the slightest weakening of the immune system, and that leads to reappearance of infection. Not a small number of patients fight this problem for years and years.

This is why alongside antibiotics, more and more natural products are recommended; products that will not disrupt normal bacterial flora, and reduce the chance of infection reappearing.


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